Our wooden replacement sash windows are a reproduction of the original wooden box sash windows.

An overview of features of our wooden sash windows:

Wood - Our wooden windows are made from treated engineered softwood PINE (sill hardwood ) or hardwood OAK. A long-term smooth operation of the wooden sash windows is a standard.

Finish - Factory finish protects the wooden frames from the weather influence. Various fully factory finishes are available for a unique design of your sash wooden windows. Read more about finish options in Wood.

Operation - Two types of operation are available, traditional with cords and lead weights and spring balance, to choose for your replacement wooden sash windows.

Glass - A factory-fitted 22mm double-glazed unit is filled with Argon gas to reduce heat transfer. Wooden glazing bars can be added to a window design.

Security - Security of wooden sash windows is ensured with a hook fastener and security stops.

Insulation - The wooden sash windows are weather-sealed with brushes and gaskets to provide a great level of heat insulation.

Design - There are various style options to create a bespoke sash window. 

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